Ahhh I feel guilty for asking but as Satoshi's #1 fangirl I'd love a post of you talking about your opinion and thoughts on him too! I've enjoyed all your other Higurashi posts immensely, and usually agree with them 100%! My absolute favorites have to be all the Ooishi posts though, because they're so amazing and you've made me love him 1000000000000x more than I already did.


u can always ask me about ur Higurashi boyfriend, do not be afraid!

in many ways I feel like Satoshi is really one of the harder characters to grasp, because while we certainly have other characters’ interpretations of him and views about him, we really don’t see anything of his PoV at all until Meakashi-hen, and even then only sporadically, through TIPs (which then ignore his PoV again up until Matsuribayashi-hen). Satoshi feels very familiar to us as a result, but still somewhat distant—which, admittedly, is probably what Ryukishi intended considering Satoshi has been effectively “demoned away” and remains very much a mystery to us up until we discover what actually happened to him.

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