little red riding vest better watch out bc there are wolves in these woods


Imagine your OTP still crazy after all those years, cheating at bingo and racing on golfcarts.


Kagerou (Mirage) - from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai Image Album “Kokoro Musubi”
Vocals: Yuizuki Sora
Lyrics: Yuizuki Sora (English translation lyrics by XZX.)
Composition & Arrangement: Tenmon

Moonlight, rippling on the water’s face.
The stars that I found were small things.
Cradling that heart that seemed about to disappear
In both of my arms, I prayed.

Once the many wishes have been connected,
Someday, they will come true – believe that.

Within the repeating loop of time,
Even if I reach for the light that pierces through,
Is there really a way to break away
From this boundlessly continuing darkness?

I extend my arms for the many futures.
Until we reach the end, don’t give up.

Even when you close your eyes,
Warmth will be by your side – don’t forget that.

Once the many wishes have been connected,
Someday, they will come true – believe that.

One piece of stardust, and then one more -
Keep on praying for that faint hope.

I recite the story of the dream again.
It will end someday – believe that.

(Inside the footprints we left behind,
There sleeps a single fragment.
I’m sure we can escape now, of all times,
From that eternal season.)


DJ NETA-RAW - Assault Operations

6 satorika


6- on the lips (cute)


U deserve a lot of satorikas ♥




i still have some work to do on my cosplay but i think it’s coming along nicely!~ i’m wearing it to a convention this weekend ^-^ 

and one last SatoRika doodle to end all this

Satoko is not sure how they got into that position during the night