you’re super nice and calm seeming, and you also seem to really know your stuff about higurashi which is awesome! you’re like…super informed on world issues I guess idk how to put it, but it’s really nice but that also goes for most people I follow and like everyone that sent me a number haha. But you just seem really knowledgeable and kind in gerneral and from the talks we have had they were really interesting and I like when you send me messages or replies out of the blue!


I love your art and ideas and you really deserve more love! You seem like a really nice and awesome person and like you’re quite the Takano lover which is gr8!! It would be cool to chat some with you!




春日 葵

im extremely sorry you have to go through this. but you are worth so much, and you deserve better. although things are super tough right now, you'll get through this!!!!! i havent talked to you but you genuinely seem like such a great person and i would be devastated if you were gone.

ahhh it means so much that so many people care about me that much haha..

I’d love to talk to you one day though! You can always send me a message if you want!


shishigami-leo replied to your post:
not anon but though i know we don’t really talk i’ll support you too

thank you!!